Vienna (November 2012): Presentation of the project CESLA and connected technology discussions

On Tuesday, the 20th November, 2012 at 6 p.m. the presentation of the project CESLA with its activities and achievements commenced at the Slovenian Science Institute in Vienna.

In the up to now the longest presentation, the lead partner TECES has presented the project CESLA, its focus, the cross-border partnership and cross-border activities on the field of efficient use of energy in transport and of course the consequent achievements and results. The partner CUAS/FH-Kärnten has presented technology discussions in respect to energy behavior and alteration in mobility in connection to e-mobility and hybrid vehicles.




Leibnitz (March 2012): Conference and roadshow "With the power of the battery"

On Saturday, 17th March 2012 a big event with the title "With the power of the battery - clean across the country"took place under the patronage of the CESLA project. The main aim of the conference was to set up and foster networking activities, but also basic issues in terms of e-mobility.


In parallel to the conference, on the main square in Leibnitz an exhibition of e-vehicles took place. E-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars of various brands coud be tested on site. The duration of the conference was planned in a way to enable the participants also to visit the roadshow and test the vehicles on the main square.


Ptuj (June 2010): Abstracts and conclusions from presentations and the CESLA-MOBIL round table

A round table with the title “PTUJ – City of Opportunities for the Introduction of Electric Vehicles into the Sustainable Mobility and Tourism” was held in the Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj in the framework of activities of the project “CESLA – Cross-Border Implementation of Environmentally Friendly Ultra-light Vehicles in Slovenia and Austria.” The round table was opened by the opening speech of Matej Gajzer, M.Sc., the Director of TECES, followed by Dr. Štefan Čelan, Ph.D., the Mayor of  Ptuj with the introduction of the principle of the balanced development in the transport study of the Ptuj Municipality.


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Villach (May 2011): eMobility Workshop

Organized by CESLA partner CUAS/FH-Kärnten the eMobility Workshop took place on Thursday, 5th May 2011, dealing with technically oriented topics of e-mobility. The partners participated in a range of activities at the workshop.


The workshop featured a number of lectures on ongoing projects (CESLA, CEMOBIL, Rezipe, eVespa, eKart…) and e-mobility-related issues (charging stations, batteries, electronic components...). The lectures were delivered to an audience consisting of representatives of academic and expert fields, journalists, students, the municipal administration, and, of course, the general public.





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