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Villach (October 2012): Technology Conference CESLA-eMobility

On Tuesday, the 23rd October 2012 at 5 p.m., the Technology Conference CESLA-eMobility was organized by the CESLA partner CUAS/FH-Kärnten in Villach.

The conference was devoted to the presentation and discussion of technologies in electric mobility and energy efficiency in general - research results, exchange of experience and ideas in connection with the project CESLA. The technology conference offered an opportunity for the interested public to test the technology, to discuss and network with partners working in the fields of development, research and application of modern mobility.


Target publics included students, partner organizations, SMEs as well as all other potentially interested stakeholders. With the simultaneous presentation of technological advances and products associated with e-mobility, statements to the media and presentation of the CESLA results and documentation at the end of the project CESLA have been given.

Details in the attached invitation and on the website http://www.fh-kaernten.at/aktuelles/newsdetails/article/cesla-emobility.html

Impressions from the conference:

CESLA-eMobility_Villach_2_800x600px CESLA-eMobility_Villach_1_800x600px

CESLA-eMobility_Villach_3_800x600px CESLA-eMobility_Villach_4_800x600px

CESLA-eMobility_Villach_5_800x600px CESLA-eMobility_Villach_6_800x600px

CESLA-eMobility_Villach_7_800x600px CESLA-eMobility_Villach_8_800x600px



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