Terms of Use

TECES web information portals (IPT) purpose

TECES web information portals (IPT) have been designed with a purpose to enable access to general information on the TECES operations and activities under joint projects of the TECES partners and members.

Right to use

All information and images included in these web pages shall be subject to the copyright protection and other forms of intellectual property protection.

Documents published in these web pages may be reproduced exclusively for non-commercial purposes keeping herewith also all indicated warnings on copyrights or other rights. Each reproduction shall indicate TECES or project portal as a source.

Assumption of responsibility

In designing of its information web portals, TECES will try to ensure updated and exact data included in these web portals; however, TECES shall not guarantee for its accuracy and integrity and shall assume no responsibility, which might result from their use. All users shall use the published content on their own responsibility.

TECES shall reserve the right to change the contents of its web pages, at any time, in any manner, with no regard to the reason and without prior notification. Neither TECES nor any other legal entity or natural person participating in the establishment and designing of the web portals shall be responsible for eventual damage resulting from access to the web pages and the use or inability to use of information in the web pages (e.g., occasional server failures), or for any errors or deficiencies in their content.

The TECES information web portals include also the links to other natural persons or legal entities, which are not under the TECES competence; consequently, TECES shall assume no responsibilities for their contents and operations.



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