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Purchase of Govecs SC 1.4 scooter for the CESLA Project

Under the Project "CESLA - Cross-border implementation of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles in Slovenia and Austria", there was a Govecs SC 1.4 scooter purchased.

The scooter is a German & Polish product distinguished particularly by a low-weight lithium battery, which allows transferring it freely and with small efforts to the filling place. Other scooter's characteristics (visual and technical) also mostly comply with our wishes and expectations.

The scooter is intended for the following activities implemented under the CESLA Project:

  • Demonstration purposes of the Project
  • Awareness raising on efficiency of the use of electric vehicles in everyday life among broader public
  • Promotion of e-mobility and the CESLA Project
  • Everyday use when carrying out activities in our city, replacing thus the use of other, environmentally less friendly vehicles.
  • Possibility for test rides subject to prior order and announcement

Additional information on scooter characteristics is available at the following address: http://www.govecs.com/sc_series.php



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