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About the CESLA Project

With partner linking, knowledge sharing and presentation of the demonstration models on both sides of the border, the partners of the project CESLA intend to encourage and exploit the synergies of existing resources, opportunities and needs of the environment for the integration of environmentally friendly products of high added value, such as ultra-light electric vehicles, while developing the market and assuring the access for businesses. Thus we intend to contribute to sustainable development of border regions.

With the project "CESLA - Cross-border implementation of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles in Slovenia and Austria« the project partners would like to encourage the development of the market and the use of ultra-light vehicles in the Slovenian-Austrian border area.

The CESLA project aims to present the successful use of ultra-light electric vehicles by creating and developing a supportive environment for their implementation in the cross-border region Slovenia/Austria.

Project objectives will be achieved by implementing demonstration of light zero-emission vehicles, which do not require a lot of space, are non-polluting and more energy-efficient than conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The project activities aim to present the successful use of ultra-light electric vehicles on practical examples,. The partners would like to support local producers of these vehicles as well as explore and optimize conditions for the use of these vehicles in cross-border joint ventures.

Starting points

Urban, suburban and rural areas of the Slovenian and Austrian NUTS-3 regions are not suitable and sustainable in terms of transport and mobility. The people living in this regions and tourists favour more the usage of large cars instead of using environmentally friendly public transport or zero-emission vehicles.

Light-weight zero-emission vehicles which are based on fully electric or electrically assisted propulsion systems are more energy efficient as vehicles with internal combustion engines, they do not occupy a lot of space and they do not pollute the environment. Furthermore, the market sector of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles is currently not explored sufficiently, and as such it represents one of the potential sectors for fast development of SMEs in the Slovenian-Austrian cross-border region. Unfortunately, SMEs usually do not have the knowledge nor the experience for fast implementation of new technologies, which is required by the development of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicle products for their global marketing. 

Description of project activities and expected results

The CESLA consortium partnership has accepted this challenge and will, through the implementation of the project, provide basic information and demonstrations for SMEs necessary for the industrialization and marketing of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles.

This will be achieved by:

  • Development of starting points and a joint development strategy,
  • Technical preparation of sample models,
  • Pilot implementation and presentation of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles,
  • Training courses and further networking of all interested stakeholders (SMEs, industry, tourist providers, municipalities, etc.) for joint cross-border market development and joint marketing activities, mutual exchange of information, knowledge and skills related to environmentally friendly technologies,
  • Dissemination, promotion and awareness raising concerning environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles.

Direct results of the CESLA project will be demonstrated by functional sample models of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles (single-, two- and more-seat vehicles) at public presentations and demonstrations of ultra-light vehicle use, sample refilling stations set-up, the web portal for ultra-light vehicles, and training courses delivered to target groups of SMEs.

Implementation of the proposed project will strengthen the image of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicles to be used in tourism, and stimulate expansion of environmentally friendly ultra-light vehicle use also in public and business sectors.

CESLA project is approved for co-financing by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013.

The total project value: EUR 871,587.92.

Project duration: May 1st 2009 to October 31st 2012




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