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Maribor (September 2010): With The CESLA Project at the European Mobility Week

CESLA_tm_5During the European Mobility Week, we cooperated under the Project with the Municipality of the City of Maribor in order to promote, raise awareness and inform broader public about e-mobility and e-vehicles. We also enabled test riding of e-bicycles and e-scooters. The public showed very positive reactions and interest. This year, the Mobility Week was organised under the topic »Travel Smarter, Live Better«, drawing attention particularly to public health, climate change, and all the things creating »climate« in towns: quality of air, traffic safety, tidiness of public areas, and people friendly living in towns. Namely, electric vehicles, including ultra-light electric vehicles, can substantially contribute to improvement of the climate in towns.

Increase in motor vehicle traffic, particularly in towns, results in noise, polluted air and congestion; affecting most severely vulnerable groups, such as children and elderly population. In addition, walking and cycling, as a form of sustainable transport, may play an important role in promotion of physical activity, because moving without motor vehicle provides for regular physical activity, which can be included in everyday life at low cost.


Light electric vehicles, ultra-light electric vehicle (ULEV) classes and types mostly used at present, and strengths and weaknesses of individual vehicles, were presented at the CESLA information stand during the whole week. During the whole day, citizens of the City of Maribor and other coincidental visitors and tourists were also offered test city tours by CESLA demonstration vehicles.
We participated with test drives by CESLA demonstration vehicles at the European Mobility Week in Slovenska Bistrica.
During the European Mobility Week, the TECES partners, SODO and Maribor Development Agency, together opened the electric vehicle filling station in Maribor, at Pobreška cesta 20, where users can fill their electric vehicles free of charge during the Project implementation.
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