Domov Aktualno Obvestila Shenzhen: Predstavitev na EVS25

Shenzhen: Predstavitev na EVS25

5. do 9. novembra, 2010 se je v Shenzhen-u odvijal 25th World Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Symposium and Exhibition - EVS25 (

Na tem dogodku je Gerfried Cebrat imel predavanje z naslovom: "Two novell charging approaches for increasing BEV autonomy". Gerfried Cebrat je član projektne skupine CESLA in zaposlen pri FGM-AMOR, GmbH, enemu izmed šestih partnerjev projekta CESLA.

Povzetek predstavitve v angleškem jeziku:
The paper/presentation covered two approaches to support deployment of battery electric vehicles, Whilst for two wheelers it is clear that the number of plugs might be higher than the amount of reserved parking lots because battery packs might be taken out, this is not that obvious for multi track vehicles. The simulation of an parking schemes has proven that flexible reservation rules for BEV parking and and  surplus of charging possibilities lead to a better utilisation of parking space. With increasing number of BEV adaptive schemes are of utmost importance. In the second part of the paper/presentation the Use of PV for energy balancing of battery packs was analysed. Especially with ultralight vehicle the PV-yield may be used to replenish single cells in advance based on the knowledge about the cell health status.  




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