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Ljubljana (August 2010): CESLA presentation at the EcoMeet event

On Saturday, 28 August 2010, the JAP-meet event took place in Ljubljana, for the fifth year in the row, displaying different vehicles of Japanese producers.

Under this event, a parallel event ECOmeet took place for the first time. This event aimed at presentation of electric vehicles and different projects introducing electric vehicles into common environment. The exhibition included electric vehicles of mass producers, electric vehicle filling stations, and different projects from Slovenia, which pay increasing attention to these topics.

One of such projects is the CESLA Project, under which we presented light electric vehicles, the ULEV classes and types mostly used at present, and strengths and weaknesses of individual vehicles through the information stand and promotion posters. Visitors and persons involved in the Project implementation were provided with the Project promotion material, brochures and information related to the implementation of environmental-friendly ultra-light vehicles in Slovenia and Austria.

The event hosted also numerous Slovenian innovators transferring their knowledge to the development of electric vehicles and products resulting from environmental-friendly technologies. There was a surprisingly large number of innovations and prototypes presented.
Please, see photos from both linked events:


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