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Ptuj (March 2011):CESLA eMobility Group successfully introduced idea of eMobility to 50,000 visitors

CESLA eMobility Group has successfully introduced the idea of eMobility to more than 50,000 visitors at The 51st International Carnival Masks Parade, which was held in doyen’s of Slovenian cities exceptional ambient attracting to the cultural - tourist event of public interest in the home and wider environment. Traditional parade is part of Carnival Art & Heritage - a partnership of Ptuj in the European Capital of Culture 2012, "Kurent repels evil, announces clean energy. "

CESLA eMobility Group was proudly presented with the composite of electrical cars, towing a traditional gasoline vehicle and e-cars which connected with filling stations and supporters on the e-bikes.

Visitors were offered to test the electric bicycles and lightweight scooter, all with the desire to approach the use of electric vehicles to a wider circle of the general public. Public response was positive, since the majority was firstly encountered with an ultra light electric vehicle. Therefore, visitors were promised with more test drive demonstration runs at future CESLA events, since at the Carnival parade; unfortunately all interested were not able to test the vehicles.

In Maribor, around Slovenia and to the Austria you will recognize us after our outfits, which will serve as a distinctive sign of demonstration runs, testing the use of electric vehicles, and informing the general public about the positive effects on the environment and greater energy efficiency and thus lower cost of users.

More information about the following CESLA Events will be published in April 2011

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Shots from the event:


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