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Selnica ob Dravi (April 2011): CESLA Demostration Drives at Primary School Selnica ob Dravi


In the framework of The Eco-Schools and The Green Week before the World Earth Day, the Primary School Selnica ob Dravi has held a series of events on focusing on themes of ecology and healthy living. As part of Green Week, the presentation of the CESLA project was made on the 18/04/2011 with the demonstration use of electric vehicles

The project partners TECES and UM FERI were present at the event.

The presentation was given to eighth grade pupils of primary school. Presentation was divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. A representative of the partner UM FERI presented the theory on electric vehicles, their functionality and importance of the drive to reduce levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and the overall concern for a cleaner environment.

After the theoretical part, students and professors have come to know electric vehicles in practice. Presented to them was an electric bicycle, which is a result of own electric bicycle development by UM FERI. The electric bikes EMK-01 and electric scooter Govecs SC 1.4 were also tested, as the result of investment in the project CESLA.

With all electric vehicles, the students and teachers conducted a test (demonstration) drive. After the demonstration drives the propaganda campaign brochures and business cards CESLA were distributed.

Shots from the event:

CESLA_EKOdan_Selnica_ob_Dravi_20110418_001 CESLA_EKOdan_Selnica_ob_Dravi_20110418_004
CESLA_EKOdan_Selnica_ob_Dravi_20110418_020 CESLA_EKOdan_Selnica_ob_Dravi_20110418_006


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