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Graz (April 2011): E-mobility Conference in Graz

By the end of April 2011 the e-mobility conference took place in Graz, Austria. FGM- AMOR, one of the partners in the CESLA project, presented the CESLA project and its content to the participants of the conference. The event offered the possibility to give insight in the activities of the project and was especially useful for forging links and exchange with other SMEs.


At this occasion, FGM-AMOR presented its self-constructed e-cargo bike, which is very light-weight. FGM-AMOR opted for 20" wheels due to weight, but also due to a very low centre of gravity in order to ensure the best stability. It offers pedal-assisting as well as electric propulsion with hand throttle. Both can be switched on and off seperately - according to individual needs. The attendants of the conference had the possibility of a test drive with the prototype. 


A foldable solar panel offering the possibility for mobile charging was also diplayed within the frame of the event. The intention of the purchase of the solar panel was the increased factor of independence when cruising with an e-bike.

Of course FGM-AMOR not only has displayed the bike and the panel, but also offered consultings concerning e-bikes, e-scooters and other ultra-light e-vehicles - free of charge. The participants welcome to make use of this opportunity. In case of solar panels FGM-AMOR could revert to the conclusions of the measurements on solar panels done by the other Austrian project partner CUAS (Carinthia University of Applied Science).

All in all it can be said that the event was very fruitful (connections with the producer of a foldable e-bike, connection and publication in a magazine concentrating on e-mobility, other co-operations...). 


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