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Grottenhof (May 2011): CESLA participation on the event »Markt der Artenvielfalt«

On Saturday, 21 May 2011, the 10th anniversary of Naturpark Südsteirisches Weinland was celebrated on the event titled “Markt der Artenvielfalt”. It was held at the Naturparkzentrum Grottenhof in Styria, Austria and discussed e-mobility as one of its central topics.


FGM-AMOR and TECES, as partners in the CESLA project, participated in the event with a range of activities. The basic purpose of participating in the event was, of course, to encourage the use of environmentally-friendly forms of transportation and ultra-light electric vehicles in the tourism environment of wine roads, as well as stakeholder networking in the field of tourism and SMEs.


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The CESLA booth offered personal, direct consulting to interested participants of the event. Simultaneously the visitors were offered test drives with different types of vehicles. TECES offered e-bikes and an e-scooter for test drives, FGM-AMOR the e-cargobike prototype as well as a foldable e-bike produced by an Austrian SME, offering the best solution for a combined use of train and e-bike in the Slovenian-Austrian cross-border region. Great interest was felt among the participants for environmentally-friendly methods of transportation and electric mobility in general.

The great interest for using e-bikes/PEDELECs mostly came from the youngest and the oldest population showing enthusiasm for the tested vehicles. Some of them have shown interest in buying an e-bike on site - especially the cargobike-prototype, but also the scooter and the foldable e-bike enjoyed great popularity.

E-bikes/PEDELECs with electrically assisted drive systems primarily improve the older population's ability to handle sloped terrains, which are frequent in the surroundings of wine roads.

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