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Villach (May 2011): eMobility Workshop

Organized by CESLA partner CUAS/FH-Kärnten the eMobility Workshop took place on Thursday, 5th May 2011, dealing with technically oriented topics of e-mobility. The partners participated in a range of activities at the workshop.


The workshop featured a number of lectures on ongoing projects (CESLA, CEMOBIL, Rezipe, eVespa, eKart…) and e-mobility-related issues (charging stations, batteries, electronic components...). The lectures were delivered to an audience consisting of representatives of academic and expert fields, journalists, students, the municipal administration, and, of course, the general public.



At the booths, the participants had the opportunity to obtain advice directly from experts in specific e-mobility- related fields. On behalf of the CESLA consortium, partners CUAS/FH-Kärnten, TECES and FGM-AMOR prepared a presentation of the operation of an electric drive usable in a range of applications in electric vehicles, a presentation of the usability of mobile photovoltaic panels in e-mobility and, of course, the use of ultra-light electric vehicles (EVs) qualified as part of CESLA. Experts in the fields of power electronics, control algorithms and electric machinery, together with interested participants, debated the various technological problems related to implementing ultra-light EVs and EVs in general; from the aspects of using EVs, battery charging and suitability for various target environments alike. Of course, there was an opportunity to test a range of representative EVs (cars, scooters, bikes and a go-kart).

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