Access Levels

Access Levels at TECES Information Portals

Specific contents of the TECES Information Portals (IPT) are often available to specific groups of the IPT users only, which primarily depends on the involvement of the user with the TECES activities.

Association of individual users to a specific group and, consequently, their permission to access, shall be checked through their logging-in by entering their user name and password.

Type of users

At IPT, it is mainly distinguished between two types of users – non-logged users (guests) and logged users:

  • non-logged user (guest)
  • Guests are all visitors not logged in the IPT by their own user name. For guests, there apply certain restrictions in the IPT use – they cannot sign for delivery of messages (news, TECES, …) and they experience a restricted access to the articles and data published for the public.
  • logged user:
  • Logged user is each user, which has obtained a free user name. These registered users have access to most of the IPT contents published for the public. The logged users may review and edit their own data, sign for delivery of e-messages (communications on events, news, activities, projects, TECES training courses, …).
    In addition, based on their involvement in different TECES bodies or project groups, the logged users are enabled to access the contents intended for the implementation of such activities (details are shown below).

Access levels based on the user status

The contents of certain IPT pages is intended for reviewing or editing by the users, which are either involved in individual TECES activities or employed by the companies or institutions holding a special status, which may take a form of business cooperation with TECES as a member or a partner, or a form of the person paying or ordering specific services.

  • registered and logged users
  • Such users are all users, which have obtained their user names and passwords to log in the IPT. The access level is determined based on their involvement in the TECES activities, e.g., a member of the TECES Council of the Institution, members of a working or project group, …
    The access rights and levels for such users shall be determined by the IPT administrator, based on the presented and noticed users’ activities..
  • registered and logged user from an organisation with a special status
  • Such users are the users, which have obtained their user name and password to log in the IPT. The access level is determined based on a special status held by such organisation, in which they are employed, e.g., the company is a founder or member of TECES partner, it pays certain services, … Such users may also have an opportunity to use specific web pages for administration and editing of the IPT content.

If you think that you fit among the users, which should have an additional access level available based on a special status of your organisation in relation with TECES, please, inform about it the IPT administrator at the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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