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Kamnica (September 2011): CESLA project presentation at Kamnica Elementary School

On 29 September 2011, the CESLA project partners (FERI and TECES) organised technical professional workshops at the Kamnica Elementary School. Workshops were carried out during three school lessons, namely for pupils of the classes 6B, 8B and 8A, who had techniques and technology with the teacher Breda Kvar in their timetable.

In the presentation in the classroom, the pupils first listened to a brief presentation of the CESLA project and ultra-light electric vehicles. To illustrate the electric power importance in the traffic sector, we talked with them about energy, where it was stored and which sources of energy we knew. They were presented the notion of the energy efficient use in traffic, and how ultra-light electric vehicles could contribute to this.

Afterwards we went to the school playground, where they divided into two groups. A half of pupils filled in worksheets on the CESLA INFO stall, whereby they were supported by previously acquired knowledge and two CESLA pingo posters (Energy sources and No emission types of ultra-light vehicles), another half carried out demonstration drives with two electric bikes and an electric scooter. At the end of the workshop, the pupils were asked for a written feedback to the workshop. In the time left some of them additionally took advantage of driving the electric motor scooter.

Wishing that in future the pupils would several times encroach on more ecological way of transport, and hoping that the CESLA team has contributed to this, in thanks and safe way into traffic we awarded the pupils reflection stripes.

We render thanks to the Headmaster Mr. Tomaž Čeplak and teacher Mrs. Bred Kvar, as they enabled the CESLA project team to present itself and fulfil its purpose to implement ultra-light electric vehicles into the environment.

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