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Hajdina (October 2011): CESLA project presentation at Hajdina Elementary School

On Tuesday, 11 October, an e-mobility technical day was organised at the Hajdina Elementary School. CESLA project partners contributed actively to the realisation of the event - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Technological Centre of Electric Machinery. 

The technical day was managed by Mr. Damjan Kobale, a teacher of techniques and physics for pupils from the sixth to ninth grade. The pupils visited Formin HPP, where they were acquainted with the electric power generation mode by means of water sources. Besides, they participated in three parallel workshops, where they learned first steps in other modes of electric power generation and its application importance in the traffic sector. For this purpose, they were presented ultra-light electric vehicles. Furthermore the pupils has the opportunity to make test drives and thus got a first direct contact with ultra-light electric vehicles.

The CESLA project group carried out three parallel 30 minutes long technical-professional workshops in the technical and natural sciences classroom, and in the school playground.

In the technical classroom, the pupils were given brief information about the CESLA project whereby we acquainted them with the e-mobility notion. To illustrate the electric power importance in the traffic sector, we talked with them about energy, where it was stored and which sources of energy we know. In this workshop, pupils were presented the linear engine operation, by means of which we showed a magnetic field course.

The workshop in the natural sciences classroom was intended for the production of posters of three thematic sets, namely:
  • Energy, energy forms and sources of energy
  • Engine power in traffic
  • E-mobility

The workshop in the school playground carried out demonstration drives by electric bikes, electric scooter, electric motor scooter and electric ultra-light ATV. Likewise, pupils of lower grades, pedagogical workers and other employees in the elementary school participated in this workshop with great interest. This lead to a furhter stimulation of the CESLA project group to implement ultra-light electric vehicles into the environment.

CESLA project consortium has thanked for this warm reception to the entire staff of Hajdina Elementary School. And special thanks to the Headmistress Ms. Vesna Lorber Mesarič for paid trust in the workshops' implementation, and to the teacher of techniques and physics Mr. Damjan Kobale for the excellent organisation of the entire event and undisturbed course of workshops.

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