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Maribor (September 2011): CESLA project presentation at ICEM – TC

On Friday, 30 September, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science presented the CESLA project and ultra-light electric vehicles technology at an event organised by Infrastructural Center for Energy Measurements - technological center (Zavod ICEM – TC).

After expert lectures in the field of innovation activities in electro technology, carried out at Dravske elektrarne Maribor, the participants of the event set out for visit and work presentation of the ICEM test energy laboratory.
In the second part of the programme which was intended for informal social contacts, experts in the scientific-research and professional sphere exchanged numerous ideas, experiences and initiatives. For this purpose, the associates in the ICEM test energy laboratory demonstrated a short circuit in the solar power plant. The CESLA project team from the UM-FERI Energy laboratory presented the CESLA project and offered the participants test drives with electric bikes and electric motor scooter.

All participants were thus presented a larger expert technical aspect of the UM-FERI Energy laboratory, what contributed to a larger integration of knowledge and ideas from the extended field of electro technology.

We render thanks to the entire team of Zavod ICEM – TC to receive us into their midst and we hope that in the future there will be similar collaborations, as we believe that such pooling has positive impact on our larger economy environment and common progress of the entire society.

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